Massage Before & After Care

There are a few things to be mindful of before you lie down on the table that will enhance the benefits of your massage

To ensure your massage is as soothing as possible

Get yourself into a relaxed state before you arrive. We suggest drinking a glass of water, play some calming music on your way over, and cruise in with plenty of time to spare before your appointment. When arriving in a frenzied rush, it takes longer for the body to relax into the massage.

You can also help the body to relax by taking a hot shower or bath before coming in. This will not only help your mind to relax, but it will soften the skin and muscle tissues making them more receptive to massage.

Before we get started, be sure to voice any concerns or questions about what we’ll be working on during the session so you can relax into the treatment.

Wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. This will help continue the effects of the treatment as you slip back into your clothing, and leave the clinic. If you have longer hair, pull it back or up to allow for neck and shoulder access.

There are also some things to avoid prior to your treatment

Don’t eat a heavy meal, you will be uncomfortable during your treatment if you have a full stomach. Avoid caffeine intake before your appointment as caffeine stimulates instead of relaxing the body.

After your massage

Drink plenty of water for the rest of the day, as the kidneys will be actively eliminating toxins and require extra fluids to restore balance.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and excessive tea or coffee drinking for 24hrs as this can have dehydrating effect. Give your body time to cleanse and replenish.

Avoid any strenuous activity, aim to fit in exercise before your treatment.

Take a warm Epsom Salt bath to further aide in the detoxification process and prevent muscle soreness.

Avoid heavy meals, this will give your body time to heal concentrate on natural healing and restore nutrients.

If possible, take a nap, practice meditation, or get to bed early that evening.

Raglan, New Zealand