The Benefits of Regular Massages

There’s no doubt that massages feel amazing, but did you know that the benefits of the treatment last far longer than that post-rub down buzz?

We’ve listed some of the benefits below.

Combat stress and anxiety

It’s not just the ocean sounds and delicious smelling oils that immediately take you to a stress-free space, massages have been found to increase blood flow to areas of the brain associated with mood and stress regulation. A study showed that after a treatment, people’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped by 31 percent while happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine were boosted by 30 percent.

Improve posture and realign body imbalances

Massage can help loosen muscles locked into painful positions and encourage the body find better posture. A masseuse can immediately pinpoint and work on the muscles that are underperforming and the ones that are overcompensating.

Reduce muscle pain

Regular massage can soothe aches, pains and tightness from overuse or exercise.  An recent study found that just a 10 minute massage after exercise can reduce ongoing soreness by 30 percent.

Boost the immune system

Research has found that regular rub downs can give your immune system a helping hand by increasing the productive of disease-fighting white blood cells.